Text of an unsolicited testimonial recently found on Google by a current resident who is enrolled as a Master's Candidate in the Johnson School of Business:

"I can't say enough good things about Ithaca East Apartments. As a graduate student at Cornell, I primarily looked for an apartment based on price and distance from the school. In this respect Ithaca East was at a clear advantage - it's one mile away from central campus (all downhill) and the prices are the lowest in the area.

Since I've been living here, I've been blown away by how clean and quiet the area is. If you want a fair comparison, I'd recommend coming on a Friday/Saturday night and seeing the difference between Ithaca East and some of the other properties you're considering. The low price point has attracted many graduate students, PhD candidates, and international students who generally keep to themselves.

The management is extremely professional and quick to respond. Part of the management team lives onsite at Ithaca East, so communication and off-hours situations are well-handled. The owner himself, Bruce Abbott, can be found on the property most every day tending to repairs, cutting grass, delivering packages, and making improvements to the property. He takes pride in his business and he's a superfriendly person to talk to.

It you're a partier, you'll honestly have more fun in CT or downtown somewhere, but if you're a professional who values a clean, quiet, affordable place to live, there's no better option than Ithaca East Apartments.

Lastly, I was not compensated in any way for this review. You can likely understand I'm incentivized to find other professionals and grad students to come live here as they typically make the best neighbors. When I was looking for an apartment there were almost no reviews of the property so I wanted to add a data point for folks considering their options. If you're on the fence, come by and see the property and meet the owner. Also, if you're an incoming student, it's a good idea to talk to current students and ask about their experiences with the various property management companies in town."

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